Reason behind the establishment of the School

There are three (3) fundamental reasons for the establishment of the School, they are as follows:

Exposing and providing adequate relevant reading content and solid foundation in Science related courses

Paving a conducive environment for students to develop interest in Science and Modern Technology

Enabling students to acquire the necessary skills and Educational resources to fit into the dynamic Society

Which at the long run these will produce World class self-conscious Scientists with good moral upbringing without compromising the standards and quality of their Educational level.

How does it improved?

As a science based school running Nursery, Primary and secondary sections, its core curriculum is designed to lay a solid foundation in sciences. This necessitates a re-appraisal and adjustment activities which rely on inquiry, observation, grouping and experimenting of the subject matter.

The school recruits its staff based on Academic and moral merit and made its appointments/re-appointments on dedication and hard working of a staff. The school management strictly adheres to the National Education Research Development Curriculum and the schemes provided by the State Education Resource Department and make sure all its staff adheres to that.

The school gives priority to the mental, moral and physical development of children. That is why the students of the school are exceptional, not only in their fields of study but also in socio – cultural and political – historical norms.