About Kuntau Science Academy

The school was established on 17th September, 2007, located in Dorayi Babba, behind Afforestation Coordinating Program Unit (APCU) popularly known as Forestry. The school started with seventeen (17) Academic staff, two cleaners and one security with seventy two students/pupils of Pre – Nursery to JSS 1. The first Head mistress of the school was Haj. Hauwa H. Suleiman and Haj. Razika Isma’il was the first Principal. Other management staff appointed included Mal. Abdulfattah Salman as the Vice Principal and examination officer of the secondary section, then Mal. Umar Farouk Usman as the Assistant Head master and examination officer of the school. So far, the school has produced two assistant head masters and two vice principals, who left for greener pastures with either state or federal government.

The School has two huge structures of two storey buildings having Primary and Secondary school sections and other structure for Pre – Nursery and Play group pupils with more than seventy five classes, well equipped library, ultra modern computer room, seventeen offices, thirty five toilets, seven science laboratories, medical bay, multipurpose hall, sport complex and fleet of school buses for conveying children to school and back to their home to ensure the security of the pupils/students, alleviation of transportation problems and maintain punctuality.

At the beginning of 2016/2017 academic session, Almighty Allah blessed the school with two annexes, one at No. 1 Court Road, Adjacent to Federal High Court, Gyadi – Gyadi, Kano and the other at Accountant Street, off Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil Street, Rijiyar Zaki, Kano.

As a science based school running Nursery, Primary and secondary sections, its core curriculum is designed to lay a solid foundation in sciences. This necessitates a re-appraisal and adjustment activities which rely on inquiry, observation, grouping and experimenting of the subject matter.

In the year 2011, the school set the pace by providing all that is needed for learning, as such was placed in a full academic stance by providing well equipped laboratories for all the science subjects offered in the school, furnished library, ultra modern computer rooms, multipurpose hall, modernized seat for students, staff and other offices, sport complex, fleet of school buses, among others.

The school reached a maturity stage as its aspiration for providing qualitative education is high as it graduated its first set of SS 3. The school has now graduated eleven sets of Nursery and Primary six pupils, eight sets of JSS 3 students and five sets SS 3 students with flying colors who are currently studying in various institutions of learning in Nigeria and other countries across the globe with remarkable grades. All these, under the distinguish Proprietorship and leadership of indefatigable academic hero, Dr. Mustapha Zakariyya Karkarna, a man of integrity, wisdom and talent. The Academy has now developed into one of the most sophisticated citadel of learning in the state which made the state government officially named the area its main site situated as Kuntau Road at the beginning of the year 2017.

Since inception of the school, it has been recruiting exceptional graduates as its teaching staff, teachers with good grades who are highly dedicated to their duties. Its students have been representing the state in National competitions. The school has also been graduating sets of Nursery and Primary pupils, JSS 3 and SS 3 students with flying colors who are currently studying in various institutions of learning in Nigeria and other countries across the globe with remarkable grades.

It is of the credit of the school’s children, their untiring teachers and commitment of the management the school is producing its annual magazine (Kuntauscope) and run other extracurricular activities through its clubs and society such as Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Young farmers association, Jets clubs, and Mathematics clubs among others.

With this infrastructures in place, the laboratories, fleet of school buses for transport scheme, the committed teachers and non academic staff, the trust and confidence of parents, the zeal of the students and the un-tireless support and determination of the Proprietor, the future look ever bright for the school to serve the Community, the State and the Nation at large.

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